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Dangerous and Defective Products & Product Liability Lawyer

Melbourne, Palm Bay, and Brevard Florida

As consumers, we trust that the products and services we see, use, and rely on at home and at work will live up to the promises of the manufacturers, distributors and retailers. All too frequently, however, these goods and products do not perform the way we expect them to; fail when we need them the most; or are just plain dangerous.

Under Florida law, a product can be “defective” in three ways:

  • A product can be defectively designed. When this is the case, the product is inherently unsafe, even when it is built and used as planned.
  • A product can be defectively manufactured. A product that has a manufacturing defect may have been designed well, but was not built correctly.
  • A product can be defectively marketed or have inadequate warnings. These types of defects include lack of adequate instructions or clear warnings of the dangers in using the product.

Regardless of the type of defect, proving product liability is challenging because the victim must show that the product was defective and that the injuries were caused as a result of this defect. And in any product liability case, you can be sure that the defendant and their lawyers will aggressively fight any charges of wrongdoing.

Gillin Gillin & Lindbaek believes that the parties responsible for putting these products in the hands of the public must be held accountable. Our lawyers will work through every detail of the case and we understand that proving each of the three types of defects requires a different strategy. As experienced trial lawyers, we know what to look for, and also have an understanding of the potential strategies of the defendant. We have the resources to fight large corporations, and we prepare every case as if it is going to court.

Contact the products liability lawyers at Gillin Gillin & Lindbaek by email or at 321.729.1444 for a free consultation and review of your case. We will evaluate your claim and do everything we can to make sure you are fully compensated by the responsible party. Remember, you pay no legal fees unless you actually recover damages.

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