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We strive to obtain the maximum damages possible to compensate our clients for their financial losses, as well as their physical and emotional suffering. We understand that what may appear to be a simple accident often is anything but. We focus on getting justice for our clients so they can focus on recovery.

Recent Verdicts and Settlements

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Although a large majority of cases settle without a trial, all of the cases at Gillin Gillin & Lindbaek, P.A. are prepared as if they will be tried. By being ready to try cases, insurers know that unless they act fairly in settlement negotiations, we will take the case to trial. This philosophy may create more work for us but it produces better results for our clients.

Please note these are just a few of the recent verdicts or settlements that we've obtained. The accounts contained on this website are intended to illustrate the experience of the firm in a variety of litigation areas. Each case is unique, and the results in one case do not necessarily indicate the quality or value of another case. If you have any questions regarding these cases or any potential case, please contact us by email or at 321.729.1444.

Recent Verdicts:

Verdict - 03/18/2010 - Melbourne FL; Judge Davidson; Case D.P. v. T.J. - $1,378.964.40
This was a complicated case in which our client, Donald was ejected from the bed of a pickup truck as a result of an errant turn by the Defendant. The Defendant denied all liability claiming that Donald caused the accident by being a passenger in the truck and by blocking the driver’s rear view. A jury disagreed with the Defendant and found the defendant liable for 95% of the accident. All three attorneys from Gillin Gillin & Lindbaek participated throughout the eight day trial. Our firm’s philosophy is to spare no resources at trial and use all our talents at trial to keep the jury interested in the evidence that we bring to trial. 

The evidence showed that Donald suffered a spleen injury and a herniated disk which led to lumbar fusion surgery. The Defendant maintained that the spine injuries related to Donald’s work in the construction field not this accident. In both the opening and closing argument by Mr. Lindbaek, the jury was asked who was responsible for the safe driving of the truck and who must account for the injuries. The jury agreed that Defendant was negligent and caused the injuries that Donald suffered.

Verdict - 02/18/2010 - Vero Beach FL; Judge Kanarak; Case N.T. v. D.B. - $1,926,456.00
This was an extraordinary result considering that at least 14 attorneys rejected the case. Thereafter, Natelie was referred to us by a local Melbourne attorney who thought that Gillin Gillin & Lindbaek PA could help her get justice. Natelie suffered serious head injuries when the jet ski she was riding hit a large wake. Although Natelie returned to her employment in the dentistry field she was never the same person after her injury. Head injuries are difficult cases to prosecute because the damages are difficult for the jury to see. A person may suffer from these injuries and continue to function. Insurers won’t pay for these damages unless the injuries are proven in Court.

The trial lasted two weeks and Joseph Gillin, Jr. was the lead attorney on the case. Mr. Gillin. worked tirelessly to prove that the injuries indeed had changed Natelie’s life. Our firm's resources were tapped to employ experts in various fields and Mr. Gillin, using the latest technology, was able to show the jury that Natelie had a brain injury. The Defendant maintained that the accident was an “act if God” and that he was innocent from negligence. Mr. Gillin’s cross-examination of the Defendant and his witnesses made it clear to the jury that the Defendant was in a hurry and as a result the Defendant hit a boat wake which the Defendant had failed to appreciate.  

As a result of the verdict, Natelie was able to secure funding for her future medical care and move on with her life.

Recent Settlements:

D.K. v. Allstate Indemnity………………...….$725,000.00
C.W. v. Allstate Et Al…………………….…..$497,500.00
K.Y. v. AIG/21st Century/Allstate…………....$350,000.00
R.W. v. Sentry Ins……………………………$350,000.00
K.S. v. Travelers Ins………………………….$300,000.00
Baby A confidential settlement v. Allstate for full limits of BI/UIM

Products Cases:

Confidential settlement against a manufacturer of insecticide.
Confidential settlement against manufacturer of cigarettes. 

Insurance Matters:

6/18/2009 - Final Judgment;  Judge David Silverman;  J.H. v. Progressive Insurance  -$110,776.00
When an insurance company wrongfully denies insurance benefits, the Law Firm of Gillin Gillin & Lindbaek, P.A. is willing to fight for our client’s benefits. In this case, benefits have been denied since 2002. The insurer hired coding experts and 6 attorneys to defend its wrongful denial. A judge found that the denial was wrongful and that the case was difficult and awarded extra fees to Gillin Gillin & Lindbaek, P.A. to encourage attorneys to fight insurance companies when they wrongfully deny benefits due to consumers.

Medical Malpractice Cases:

Due to the sensitive nature and strict confidential clauses involved the settlements obtained cannot be published.  Feel free to contact the attorneys to discuss your medical malpractice case and our experience in handling these cases.

Contact the personal injury lawyers at Gillin Gillin & Lindbaek by email or at 321.729.1444 for a free consultation and review of your case. Remember, you pay no legal fees unless you actually recover damages.

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